Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Been a VERY Long Time

It has been 1 year, 11 months, and 24 days since my 1st post, and that's also how long I've had my locs.  I still love them, actually, I love them even more. I can do things with them, they've fattened up, and they behave on their own without water now. I can style them, too.

My hair might not look all that long for almost 2 years, but the method that I started my locs in, the nappylocs method, I did it with a pretty good amount of relaxed hair. It took me 11 months to get my natural hair to a length that I could live with, and I cut the relaxed hair off in November of 2009. It was pretty short, but  I didn't mind it.

As you can see in my picture, I have been doing some interesting things to my hair. I'm a bit eccentric, so, this isn't too out of the norm for me. This was a test run for my hairstyle for character day at school. I did this is black lipstick and all over eye liner. Though no one has heard of her, I went as Lisbeth Salander. 

I actually don't have too much to say about my hair.But thinking about how my hair has evolved over time; it's simply amazing. Before locs, I had to perm it into submission and beat it with a comb every morning just to look presentable. Now, some mornings, I just leave the house without touching all.

My natural journey isn't new to me anymore. I don't exactly have to think about what I'm doing next, or why may hair is doing what it's doing. My locs have hardened for the majority of them. This was the best thing I could have done for my hair. I haven't regretted a day of it yet.

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